Sherman Free Library

Historical Resources

.Reverend Woodbridge's Scrapbooks cover a period in the late 1880's to about 1895.  He collected articles in his scrapbooks about obituaries, weddings, concerts and performances, fires, and accidents.  These scrapbooks have been copied and are available at the library. 


Cheever mine maps, miscellaneous parcel maps in the Town of Moriah, subdivisions, water and sewerage for Mineville and Witherbee, Old Bed-Harmony, Fisher Hill, Joker-Bonanza, and Smith mine maps.

Town of Moriah Historical Society Calendars 1995-present

The Bulwaggian 1927-1935, 1949, 1951-1953.  The Lode 1941-1946.

Articles about Champ.

McLaughlin Collection

Books relating to the Adirondacks which were published before 1900.  Topics include Saratoga, Lake George, topographical survey of the Adirondacks done by Verplanck Colvin, History of Essex County, and History of Washington County.  These books must be used in the library.

Collection of post cards of Port Henry, Town of Moriah, and Crown Point.

Local History

The History of Port Henry by Dr. Charles Warner and C. Eleanor Hall.  Through the Light Hole by Patrick Farrell. "A Day Among the Iron Ore Operations of the Port Henry District", Iron Trade Review, 1910.  The Iron Ore Eaters by Valerie Rosenquist.  Atlas of Essex County, 1876.  Scrapbook for No. 2 Cedar Point Blast Furnace compiled by Tom Henry.  Short History of Iron Mines in Moriah by Robert Brennan.